How to make money with a topsites script

Using a topsites scripts is a proven way to drive traffic to your website, just like a website traffic generator script. With hundreds or thousands of visitors to your website, you have a sure fire way to that any advertisements displayed on your website will be clicked or products will be purchased.

A True Website Traffic Generator Script

PHP Topsite scripts are usually a “set-it-and-forget-it” solution to ensure your website will be running on auto autopilot.  These types of scripts are not a “black hat” method of visitor generator, top sites scripts ensure you have true visitors to your website, by using anti-cheat protection, to ensure bots are not inflating your stats.

Ad Placements in a Topsites Script

Ad placement on any website is an important factor in increasing the CTR.  Typically within a top sites list your will want to put an ad to the right of the list, and within the actual results.  Typically between every 5 or 10 sites.  Depending on how many sites your list has displayed.  The key is not to litter your site with to many ads, as visitors would just skip over many of these ads; and they also increase load times, which are huge factors in find why your site would have a large bounce rate.  Typically you on any one page of a website you should only have 3 or 4 ads spending on the size of the individual page.

Tricking visitors to increase CTR

Your topsites list and website can be band from Google! SO DON’T DO IT!! This fact is the very simple reason you should never try to trick visitors into clicking an ad.  Being band from Google can basically end your website, and any hopes you have of generating any money with your website.